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The Sanguine Goddess is a mysterious deity that only recently revealed herself to the denizens of Azeroth. While she has never visited the planet in corporeal form, she appears to her followers in dreams, taking human form, and resting on a red throne.



Much of the Sanguine Goddess' origin is still unknown. It is thought that she only recently took interest in the world of Azeroth.


Her first appearance on Azeroth was to the human warrior Ever Penderlin, in the form of a dream. It is not clear why the Goddess chose Ever to reveal herself to.

Living Vessel

After judging Ever Penderlin worthy, the Goddess chose the warrior as her Living Vessel, lending her power and Untamed Knowledge. It is said the Sanguine Goddess also shrouds Ever's path in shadow.


As Ever began creation of Artifacts of power Marked with the Goddess' power, she created a great Ledger. Once a name is written upon this Ledger, it remains there for all eternity.


Prayer of the Sanguine Night

Goddess of Blood, we beseech

Thee Speed our steps and guide our hands

Run Red the Streams

Bleed the Enemy

Run Red the Streets

Lead us to Victory

Forever and Ever

In sanguinis, viribus

This is the way

- Ever <Hurricane>

Prayer of the Sanguine Symbiosis

For the Goddess of Blood is both Life, and Death

We are She and She is We

For within our veins She'll always be

And when we spill our foes' Blood

She is strengthened in the Flood

Her Will is ours, we'll never sway

Forever is Ever - This is the way

- Geryth <Hurricane>

Prayer of the Sanguine Dance

For when we sprint headlong into the fray

Our Goddess comes out to play

When we heap our rivals up in the mud

She deigns to dance in their blood

Red blood


Red minds


We fight for the Goddess

This is the way

- Ever <Hurricane>