The C.O.G

Was formed under Gideon Killerwatt an independent-faction called the Coalition Of Gnomes (C.O.G)  a gnome activist group that site out to defend the Gnomish people from outside of Alliance control. The C.O.G. would do weekly Gnome marches in Ironforge and Stormwind. Sometimes occupying the auction houses. Whenever a gnome is discriminated against, the C.O.G. would react to either protest or hostile methods. Such instance as gnome punting from Alliance members or Horde. Would lead to the C.O.G to start such accusers. The C.O.G got so hostile that Magni Bronzebread and the High Tinker had to resort to diplomatic peace talks. Whereas the kingdom of Stormwind wanted to outlaw the C.O.G. 

After many talks, Killerwatt and the C.O.G agreed to keep Gnome marches peaceful. High Tinker even convinces Killerwatt to start a campaign to regain Gnomeragon. 

The Battle For Gnomeragon

The Gnomes of Tinkertown would recruit adventures to help in the effect as the C.O.G would organize the assault. With help from Clan Hammersong, Adventure time, Clan Battlehammer, and others. The battle was last for days as deeper and deeper in the Gnomeragon. 

The Battle of Gnomeragon
(leader) Gideon Killerwatt (leader) Mekgineer Thermaplugg
Clan Hammersong Troggs
Adventure Time Leper Gnomes
Clan Battlehammer Dark Iron Dwarfs

In the aftermath, the battle was victories with Thermaplugg presumed dead and some of Gnomeragon radiated free. However, Killerwatt was wounded during the battle.

The fall of the C.O.G 

With Thermaplugg believe to have died most members believed they have filled their purpose. However, some believe there is still discrimination to still be fought. Pwit temporary leader of the C.O.G while Killerwatt from recovering. Believed that the faction should merge with Clan Hammersong a dwarf/gnome clan. Hoodgnome and Filby the most dedicated of the C.O.G refused to join the Clan. This caused a split between the faction and when it seems they were going to be divided. The C.O.G has officially declared as terrorist and outlaws by the kingdom of stormwind. 

Those that stayed in the C.O.G choose to fight the Alliance while the rest left to join the Hammersong. Alliance sends out SI:7 and guards to deal with the rest of the C.O.G. Which lends to the Gnome Uprising in Tinkertown. Uprising did not least as many C.O.G. died from the SI: 7. The High Tinker was able to get the survivors to hide in deep hills in loch modan. 

Killerwatt Returns 

Recovering from Gnomeragon he was informed from the Hoodgnome and Filby about all that has happened. Devastated he orders a mandatory meeting with the last remaining members of the C.O.G. He told them that he will take the blame for all of the crimes and have the rest of the members get new identities under Ironforge. Like most people, other races wouldn't even know the difference between Gnomes anyway. To remember deep down you have fought the good fight for the gnomes. The rest of the C.O.G would live under new ideas in tinker town hiding in plain sight. 

Killerwatt would be branded as a criminal and the C.O.G would all be presumed died. The last sighting of Gideon Killerwatt would be in Ashenvale as hired headhunters would track him in the region. It is unknown rather or not Killerwatt survived the attack against the headhunters or was killed. 

The End 

In the end, the C.O.G. fulfilled their purpose the Alliance and other races would remember the events of Gnome protest, riots, and uprising. Some see them as a terrorist, but would not underestimate the race ever again. Most Gnomes would see them as activists and heroes. Killerwatt would put as an icon of Gnomish Pride. There is to believe there is a shrine to Gideon Killerwatt in the deep levels of Gnomeragon. 

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