This wiki was created and developed to facilitate increased community engagement within the RP community on NA-Grobbulus(RP-PvP), by posting character biographies and guild information to form a back drop to events, small and large, and create a living history of a server we did not think we would get.

What this wiki is NOT:

A place to air your Out of Character conflicts and grievances. Articles detailing PvP conflicts with no underlying RP story will be culled.

A place to tell people what they can and cannot Roleplay.

Some quick rules:

Do not obliquely copy someone else's profile content without their consent.

Do not edit other people's pages without their consent.

Do not make the admin/moderator job any harder than it needs to be.

If someone breaks one of these rules:

Contact an admin/moderator through our discord. I cannot promise that any form of mail or contact through the wiki itself will be responded to in a timely fashion.

The perpetrator, if fault is proven, will receive one warning before being banned.

Be cool to each other, and praise Grobb.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.