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Redwood Tribes

The moon shines down upon Chieftain Ayashe Brightmane as she contemplates the tribe, their direction, and why all these tribes decided to unite under one banner, to fight as one, to defeat our enemies,  and to bring VICTORY for the HORDE!

Our Warchief is depending upon Redwood Tribes to bring honor to the Horde, rise up against our enemies, and those that stand in our way will either walk with us or be crushed. The Horde needs us, needs all those in Kalimdor to fight against our common enemies.

Rise up Redwood!  Be strong, Be Proud, and let us Defend Kalimdor against any and all who would try to challenge Redwood Tribes and the Horde!

(GM) - Ayashe Brightmane

(Asstiant GMs) Okwaho Skyseer, Gin'jojo

3 Councilors: 

Shu’halo: Branharak Skybreaker      Troll: Zel'wah         Orc: Grol'throk

Each councilor is in charge of the RP structure of their own race as well as making sure they maintain the process in which players should be engaged as they move through the ranking process.  (this can include ranking up, mounts that can be used, rites and trials to be participated in, etc.)

Trolls, Taurens, and Orcs only.

If you are not familiar with Redwood Tribe on Emerald Dream:  Check out along with an online newspaper  We run many open RP events, including cross faction kick fish contests, the current incarnation of Tall Tales & Epic Fables, Laughing Tree Warband (PVP) and bar nights.  We never back down from a fight, we raid, we dungeon, pvp/wpvp, and we have fun.  Come join us as we bring Redwood to Classic!