The <Redridge Irregulars> is the colloquial name for the First Auxiliary Battalion of the Redridge Brigade. It was formed only recently as a response to the general unrest caused by the Third War, as an initiative to promote cooperation between the military elements of the newly-expanded Alliance. It is lead by its founder, Colonel Felwinter.

They are based out of Redridge Mountains, claiming no official holding as they patrol to where they are needed most.

Out of Character

Raid information: 9:00p-12:30a, Friday/Saturday

Casual approach! We will not force you to play a talent set-up you don't want to, but we will have set debuff slots, etc. Our casual nature does not supersede downing bosses. As long as you bring a good attitude and can pull your weight, you are more than welcome!

Currently recruiting all classes/races, but healers are preferred!

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