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Born in Ashenvale in the time before the Third War, Nedrian was largely raised by a caring community after the passing of his, and his adopted brother's, parents. During his and Daesil's studies, the pair gravitated to each other naturally, quickly becoming fast friends.

After assisting in the Third War in a supportive capacity,

Nedrian saw there was an entire world to explore and many individuals of all races in need of assistance. The path of a Hunter called to him; and he has delved into such studies with vigor for some time. Recognizing the strength of all races, be it Horde or Alliance, Nedrian nonetheless accepts the brutal reality of war and history. The aggression of the Horde has continued without apology or even remote acknowledgement of past atrocities, and thus they must be treated as a threat.


While appearing to be a quiet listener at times, Nedrian at first may only offer his words if called upon. That said, if you show interest in a few select topics or get him to trust you, be warned; you may have trouble getting the night elf to be quiet. Preferring the company of his brother to those who may stab him in the back, Nedrian often wanders, exploring the world and giving aid to those who require it- and then heading back into the wild lands without much said. While the quieter of the pair, a smile is oft present on this elf's face when not the focus of the attention- quickly hidden behind an impassive mask.

Current Affairs:

He has a strange focus however, one that even his brother refuses to speak of. For some time, the ancient magic of the Trolls has been the target of Nedrian’s studies, prompting an occasional venture into hostile territory. Who were their Gods? What power did they hold? Every detail was the focus of this night elf’s spare time outside of the Hunter lexicon. If you asked his brother about the focus, the druid always refused to say much, only that "Nedrian changed after she vanished. It is not my business to say more."

The question remains, however. What could be worth journeying into enemy territory for such a thing? A title? Revenge? Knowledge?

Whatever it may be, Nedrian refuses to say, at least to passersby. Perhaps one could learn more once the Night Elf accomplishes his goal, whatever that may be.

He keeps an occasional journal cataloguing his adventures. (Accessible below.)

((OOC Info) Fairly new to the WoW RP scene, but an avid writer. RP will be mostly casual. That said, if approached in character, I'll gladly respond in kind!))