Natalie Avers was not the name that this Forsaken was born with, but it was the name that she died with. Avers tells those who ask that she was a diplomat in life, one who specialized in critical and internal affairs, and she certainly has the courtly experience to back up her claims.

Avers has elected to serve the Hand's diplomatic branch, the Profane Reach. As Executor, she enacts orders from the Mortarch of Whispers, Edward Lafontaine.


The Life and Times

Avers speaks with a whimsical, bouncy, albeit unplaceable accent. She's never described her childhood, and if asked she might simply say that memories are lost due to her undeath.

In life she was married. She had a husband and a daughter who, due to the travel necessitated by her line of work, she was frequently away from.


The Scourging of Lordaeron was very much a critical, internal affair. Avers had monitored its progression since its inception as it spread across Eastweald. Receiving a report from the the Kirin Tor, Avers was assigned to investigate the growing plague in the field itself.

Seeing the masses of the Undead, Avers knew that Lordaeron's defenses would be incapable of preventing an apocalypse across the kingdom. Avers deserted her post and made to escape Lordaeron entirely.

Avers never made it out of Eastweald. She was blinded in one skirmish, and could only crawl a short distance further before she was finally cut down by the Scourge.

Among the Scourge

Avers claims to remember every face of every individual she killed in her time as Scourge. One of these faces happened to be her husband.

Her knowledge of Lordaeron's territories and inner workings were of some benefit to the Scourge-- not that, with their incredible numbers, the advantage was all too needed.



On reacquiring her free-will, Avers was awoken in the woods by what is now known as Deathknell. Her memories were entirely forgotten upon her awakening. With the shadow priest, Father Lyle Brooks's powerful mind magic, the majority of her memories were restored-- even those from her time as Scourge.


A creature dubbed "the Mimic" by those among the Hand has been impersonating various, high-ranking members of Lordaeron. Luciian had once been framed for murder by the Mimic; the evidence presented by Avers helped prevent an unjust execution. It also earned her a promotion to Executor.

Since then, Avers has taken to specialize in missing persons cases and to uncover other, smaller-scale mysteries.

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