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Moonblade Sentinels is a Kaldorei exclusive guild. They are an elite sect of the Sentinels dedicated operating farther away from Kaldorei borders with the intent of being more proactive against the Horde; protecting their homeland by dealing with threats before they even reach the borders.

Any Kaldorei is welcome to join the guild, but only those handpicked by their fearless leaders may obtain the rank of Moonblade.

Founding of the Guild

“You summoned me?” Arquen asked as she walked into the office – if you could call it that. Sure there was a large map on the table,and a desk with some paperwork strewn across it, but the Kaldorei aren’t known for the official looking buildings, especially Shandris. She liked her areas fitted for functionality and practicality.

“Yes.” Shandris Feathermoon didn’t even glance up from the map in front of her - A detailed tapestry of all of Azeroth – as she gestured for Arquen to have a seat.

Arquen made herself comfortable in the wooden bench on the far wall and let out a held breath, “What can I do for you, General?”

Shandris moved a small token of an Orc out from The Barrens into Ashenvale before letting out a sigh herself and looking over at Arquen. “It’s been 4 years since the Third War, since we joined this…Alliance.” She sounded almost disgusted by the word, “And the tentative peace with the Horde is stretched thinner by the minute.” Arquen’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly at the mention of peace. “I know you were not a supporter of the peace pact, as many us of weren’t.”

Arquen cocked her head to the side. What was Shandris getting at here? To ignore the peace treaty would be to ignore the High Priestess herself. “Did you want someone to complain to about the peace treaty, or is there a reason you are bringing all of this up?”

Shandris let out one short chuckle and sat back in her chair, “Even Tyrande can see how thinly the peace holds. How much of a façade it is. She has seen the rise of many wars…and senses we are at the calm before the storm.” Arquens ears perked up. This WAS news. Tyrande herself, the one who insisted we fought alongside the Orcs mere months after they slaughtered our kind, finally losing her faith in them. “She also notes that we have not done much to show our support of this alliance with the humans. If we are to prepare for this war, we should gain favor with our allies.”

“What are you getting at, General?”

Shandris took a deep breath, “I was tasked with creating a new sect of the Sentinels. One to explicitly fit both of these needs at once.” The pieces were finally starting to fall into place, but Arquen was still confused about the details, the whys, the hows. Shandris stood up and started to pace the room “We need a special sect of Sentinels that act farther out in the world. Operating even as far out as the Eastern Kingdoms. Showing our support and gaining the favors of these humans, dwarves, and gnomes, but more importantly – Keeping an eye on the hordes movements. Watching what they are doing farther out in the world as well, protecting lands form their expansion…” There was a long pause, and a slight smile crossed Shandris’ face, “And striking out when and where we need to.” She turned to face Arquen, “Keeping our homelands safe by eliminating threats before they reach us.”

Arquen nodded, “Agreed. Too long have we let the Horde go unchecked…but why are you telling me all of this?”

“I am the general of the Night Sentinels.” Shandris put her hands on the table, “I cannot go off and lead this small sect on my own. I have too many duties I must take care of on a regular basis. Tyrande and I need someone else I can trust to run this sect. Someone young enough to not be bogged down in our old traditions, willing to interact with the younger races without as much…prejudice, but old enough to have proven their explicit loyalty, and preferable someone with a score to settle.”

Now the picture was becoming clear to Arquen. She was matching each and every criteria. Pride and excitement started to fill her soul, but something kept her back, “But why me? Should you not give such a position to a hunter or a warrior, not a priestess?”

Shandris pushed herself off of the table and sat down, “I’ll be blunt. As far as I am concerned you are correct. I should be giving this to one of my best hunters, but Tyrande insisted it go to a priestess. While we want someone who is willing to strike at a moment’s notice and without mercy, she insisted we put a priestess of Elune in charge, as they will also be able to show mercy when the time calls for it.”

A tangible silence filled the air as they looked at each other. When it came to the orcs Arquen was unsure just how willing she’d be to show them mercy as they took everything away from her, but she wasn’t about to pass up the honor of what Shandris was asking. “So,” Shandris finally spoke up, “Will out take up arms against the horde and lead this sect of Sentinels?”

Arquen was filled with pride. She smiled and stared Shandris in the eyes, “I would love to. I think I even know what to call them?”

“Oh?” Shandris asked, a genuine curiosity could be heard in her voice.

“We are the Moonblade Sentinels.”

“Ah..” Shandris nodded at her. She knew. She understood what that meant to Arquen, “Then you shall report directly to me. You shall now be known as  Arquen SIlversong, Commander of the Moonblade Sentinels.  Tor ilisar’thera’nal.”

“Tor ilisar’thera’nal!”