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Welcome to the NA-Grobbulus(RPPvP) wiki!

The goal of this wiki is to turn it into a living archive of the history of our server with contributions from you, the players and readers. The Events page will keep track of the goings-on of the server, while the Character and Guild pages will give us references to the actors therein and the groups they belong to.

Listed Events that occur before the server's launch will better belong in the History category. Please record what real-world dates your events occurred on so that we can view a timeline of events.

Other categories for players to fill out beyond character and guild sheets include: Items, Places, Houses, Clans and Tribes, Professions, Organizations!

Please make sure that you tag your pages appropriately! See Recommended Categories for help on tagging your pages.

If you are unsure how to get started, please see our Getting Started page!

For a list of OOC communities and IC coalitions, please see our Discords & Communities page. If you would like to have your community added, please join our discord, linked at the top of this page. That remains the quickest way to get a response.

Rules and such: The Book of Grobb

Note: As the moderation team intends to keep this wiki as a neutral ground for the entire server, please refrain from advertising ANY OOC communities, or making any posts that may be construed as pushing an agenda!

All Warcraft and World of Warcraft content belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.