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In the late summer, the health insurance mogul Froggy Fresh decided that the Durotar Gynecologists had been performing too many procedures for free off the books and advising against medical procedures, causing a huge loss in revenue for his insurance company. With the realization, Froggy Fresh decided to shut down the practice and move his business to a smaller and more .. pliable .. medical practice.


The medical practice was started jointly by two Tauren native to Bloodhoof Village, rather than Orcs. The co-founders, Onak Maplehorn and Tresleches Calmhoof conceptualized the medical practice on their shared journey from Far Watch Post to Razor Hill. While Tresleches was more interested in the early childhood development of the Orcs, Onak was more concerned with their birth process. Agreeing that a gynecology practice would allow for more childhood development than a daycare would attract pregnant women, they decided to name their establishment Durotar Gynecologists and perform a variety of public services for the underprivileged Orcs in Durotar.

Historical Activity

The practice is currently in a heavy research and experimentation phase while it tries to identify the most effective medicines for inducing labor, managing pain, reducing stretch marks, or healing reproductive organs. While these medicines are very well established for the Tauren and the Orcs had their own medicines on Draenor, the practice is finding that the fel taint of Mannoroth's Blood has affected their physiology greatly, with particular regard to the entire reproductive process, including accelerating gestation to a mere 4-months and two semesters. All of these changes have created a situation in which the Orcish women are avoiding pregnancy to maintain their health, as the neo-natal death rate is rising quite quickly for Orcish women. The Durotar Gynecologists are working on making pregnancy safer for mother and infant, hoping to raise birth rates among the Orcs and reduce maternal fatalities.