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edit: Darkwater Cartel no longer exists, it has since undergone an IC mutiny and disbanded OOCly.

"Security, enforcement, extortion, we do it all."

The Nitty Gritty

The Darkwater Cartel is a multinational holding company made up of multiple private sectors, including “pillaging” (raiding), “contracting” (PvP), and “manufacturing” (professions).

We are headquartered in the Undercity. We specialize in weapons, armor, and consumables manufacturing, which is a front for our private security sector, which operates in the “underworld” economy of bribery, extortion, information sharing, and smuggling.

Our main objective is to acquire, and secure a plethora of assets (incl. gold, weapons, armor, etc) for both our guild members, and clients that we contract out for. While we do fight for the Horde, we put the cartel above our own needs & affiliations. We are not interested in forming RP-based alliances with other organizations. We are not interested in making friends, or being the “good” guys.

However, we are interested in being hired for any of the above stated purposes.


The Darkwater Cartel is a guild that was started by Darkwater, and Ziezi. Our guild's story is formed around the RP of each member, and how they became affiliated with the cartel. We are a true RP-PvP guild, that also participates in Raiding, PvE, non-RP-PvP events, and having fun. Our goal is to continue building the community we've created thus far. This includes helping one another level up, run dungeons, PvP, and/or just hanging out and chatting with fellow members. Our primary focus is World-PvP, and Battlegrounds (when they are released).

We will raid, but it is not the focus or the current goal of our guild. As of now, we are more about our internal community - we do tend to keep to ourselves more often than not, but ask a member of the Cartel for help and you will most likely get it (though you may try and get swindled first).