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Daesil is upbeat, quirky, fun-loving and generally pleasant to talk to. Always having been drawn to the natural world, this aspiring druid has only now completed his studies and is prepared to move onto the next stage of his journey.


Born in Darkshore before the Third War, Daesil was orphaned in the same event that took his adoptive brother's parents. He and Nedrian both delved into their studies over the decades, fast becoming nigh inseparable. However, as their book studies have concluded and the next stage of their training loomed, the pair's paths have diverged.

That said, they are still adopted brothers, having been through thick and thin and clung to each other after their parents passed, despite being raised by a loving community. Even though their paths now separate, they still communicate often, not about to forsake their only family amid this trying time. Despite being a few years older than his stalwart brother, Daesil may come off as the younger one and a bit of a goof; his good humor refusing to be dampened by war or strife. More often than not, his cheeky antics are usually enough to warrant a smile from his usually aloof brother.

General Views

More often than not in an animal form, this night elf appears to feel most comfortable on all fours. Curious and more than willing to help others if he can, this druid may be seen in areas where adventurers are just starting off, hoping to aid them on their journey. He seems to be as invigorated by charity as one is discovering a new land; and he dives into both pursues with gusto. Sharing his brother's love of history, this druid has a unique interest in the Dragon aspects, and hopes to meet one of the individuals someday.

Like his closest adopted brother, Daesil recognizes that the Horde is fast becoming a threat; and the Forsaken especially will be attacked on sight. The continued aggression of the orcs, coupled with their refusal to apologize or acknowledge their past atrocities is a sobering reminder to the druid that they must be treated as a continuing threat. Tauren will be approached with caution, and a fellow druid won’t attack first unless the area is a hotbed of Horde aggression.

Ever since someone vanished from his brother’s life in the past, Daesil seems to be genuinely worried about Nedrian at times. While paths may send the pair separate ways, they still would cross all of Azeroth to help the other.

Current Status:

Beginning his training as a druid, and assisting the war effort in an official capacity Instead of supportive.

He keeps an occasional journal of his adventures on:

((OOC Info) Fairly new to the WoW RP scene, but an avid writer. RP will be mostly casual. That said, if approached in character, I'll gladly respond in kind!))