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"Our enemies shall learn to fear the song! Come taste my axe, yer head shall soon adorn my wall...For KHAZ MODAN!" - Thane Gargrim


The Old Ways.

On a cold winter's night a year after the battle of mount Hyjal, In the old rundown hold of Dun Garok several dwarven clans left broken and lost gathered and huddled around the hearth drinking and grumbling about their misfortunes. In the flickering fire light a single black bearded dwarf stewed angrily as he listened to his kinsmen grumble and complain. Gargrim a barrel chested warrior of renown had been listening for weeks about the lack of food and drink. The battles of old and the glory days of the dwarves. Thane Gargrim had seen battle and still had his pride, he did not look back on the glory of yesteryear but of the glory of tomorrow! Gargrim saw that the Bronzebeards had failed his hold. Instead they focused on Ironforge and Kalimdor. Dun Garok was left to rot the wall had been broken and left unrepaired for years. No gold or soldiers were sent his resources were slim, on the border of the lands of lorderan and being raided by Orcs and Dark iron he knew that things must change if his Clan was to survive.  His reports from Ironforge had stated that Gnomergan had fallen and the leper gnomes had taken over. Leaving hundreds homeless and without purpose scared and surrounded by similar depressed kinsmen. The Thane knew what needed to be done. He knew his Clans weaknesses and strengths he knew that the old ways may not work this time and that his Clan would need to evolve.

He stood before his kinsmen and silenced their grumbles all looked to him with concern as he had stood so suddenly. He stood before them and smiled as his mind had been made up. The Thane  said simply Hammer and Anvil.....Thunder and Stone...

All looked to him in confusion thinking him mad. The Thane then laughed and explained. The crafting Hammers of the gnomes must be added to the Anvils of the dwarves...the magics and gizmos of Thunder and snow must be harnessed and combined with the Stone walls of the dwarves. We must evolve and grow...we must gather the gnomes

Some stood and shouted while others remained silent in shock. The Clan thought him drunk and several were distraught. Some stood and left while others raised their brew. The Clan was fractured but Thane Gargrim knew, the Clan must change if they were to make it through. 

Messagengers were sent the following morning to Ironforge and the outskirts of Gnomergan to summon all who would March to Dun Garok to meet with the Thane.  

"Thane Gargrim of Clan Hammersong invites the Gnomes of the fallen city of Gnomergan and the Dwarves of Thelsamar and surrounding lands to Dun Garok for resettlement and offers the Clans protection as we look to rebuild and forge a new path forward. He also welcomes those who would join our ranks into the Clan as equals as we have been abandoned in the north know that we will not abandon you in your hour of need. Come brothers and sisters and sing the Hammer's Song"

Thane Gargrim and King Magni

"ABANDONED!? Thane Gargrim thinks we have abandoned his Clan! Does he not see that the Orcs have become restless in BlackRock! The Dark Irons chant their feverish prayers to their Fire God and have kidnapped my daughter! That Gnomergan has fallen and we are trying to resettle thousands of gnomes within our halls! That the Humans have to quell this Defias brotherhood and that their King has gone missing! Problems are everywhere!" Shouted Magni to his page.

"We are trying our best... but our resources are thin....he must understand that we do not abandon them. They are not....forgotten...." whispers King Magni

Upon the Road to Dun Garok

As those that answered the call of Thane Gargrim began to gather. The restless horde of Redwood Tribe also caught wind of these new reinforcements gathering to Clan Hammersongs cause. A messenger had been caught in the Arathi Highlands and his missive was taken from corpse and given over to the Redwood Tribe Elders. The seeds were planted at this moment as the Tribe elders read and grinned for a confrontation on the road. The first of many between the Tribe and the Clan.            

The Redwood Tribe and Clan Hammersong

As the morning mist floated over the swamps of the wetlands a column of Gnomes and dwarves refugees and potential recruits escorted by a detachment of Clan Hammersong soldiers make their way through the mist on there way to their new home in Dun Garok. The large moist orange beard of Pwent Hunter General of Clan Hammersong lead the escort alongside the sleepy Paladin General Jakz.

 "Jakz wake up lad be on alert! I think I smell something! Said Pwent looking around into the mist.

"Ugh it's just probably one of those new Thelsamar Mountain Rangers that joined us they eat troggs I hear" Jakz said sleepily

Hiding amongst the reeds Redwood Tribe members stalked the travelling column determining when best to strike. Their goal was simple delay the column by any means necessary and slay them all.

As the column proceeded deeper into the swamp the Redwood Tribe got into formation and attacked catching the column unaware. Shouts and crys echoed though the swamp as battle was joined refugees and soldiers battled against tauren orcs and trolls. Although surprised the soldiers of Clan Hammersong were no slouches they were able to defend the column with minimal losses. A slow march continued for several days with small skirmishes every day. The Redwood Tribe slowly turned the Swamps of the Wetlands into a nightmare.

The Trail of the Song and the Pledge

As the column continued through the nightmare that the Redwood Tribe has created for them. Slowly the Refugees and Soldiers learned to trust one another, bonding over this new struggle they had to overcome.

Forged in battle together the gnomes and dwarves of distant lands began to become one people. As thier journey continued some of those resistant to the gnomes joining the Clan became supporters. They had a common bond and enemy. A struggle that became a new song. As the column travelled futher together they began to sing together in battle.

The Redwood Tribe continued their raids each night but began to be forced back and retreat. This forced them to rethink their strategy and would require a new plan of attack, something big was gathering over the bridge in Arathi and Clan Hammersong would need to break through it...if they were to survive.

The Battle of Arathi and the Bulls of Redwood

After several nights of no assault Jakz and Pwent thought the Redwood Tribe had given. With no raids for some time some of the Clan thought they had won and expected a restful journey. Others thought otherwise and decided to scout ahead.

"Ulfrinn! Where are you going at such an hour? Come drink with us! This gnome Malevolent has some dark gnomish brew you've got to try!...hic!"

Ulfrinn could feel it in his beard something was off and informed Pwent and Jakz of his feeling and took it upon himself to scout ahead. After days of scouting he found his scouting ahead had not been in vain. What he found was unsettling and decided he needed to get back to Gun Darok as soon as possible and seek aid 

 The day the Highlands sang the Hammersong

 Upon finally reaching the border of the Arathi highlands many of the new recruits felt the fight was over, and the trip would be smooth as silk the rest of the way. However as they began their trek across the broken down bridge between the wetlands and Arathi highlands they came under attack by Troll archers and other savage beasts and were forced into a defensive formation. Pinned down and surrounded by the reorganized Redwood Tribe things began to look grim.

"FORM UP LADS! Get her beards outta the bread basket and inta Rank! They will not break us! Stand together and stay strong! Sing the Hammersong!" Yelled Captain Hruk

"Hammer and Anvil! Thunder and Stone!" The shield wall yelled in unison as they stood their ground and blocked countless arrows from raining death upon them. 

"Were pinned down Pwent! What do we do? Those cowards will burn for their insolence" said Heatsprocket a gnome with rage and fire in his eyes.

"We wait lad" said Pwent smiling as he took a swig from his tankard. 

The Ram Riders Revenge

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The Relocation to Aerie Peak

A Work in Progress

The Forest's Song and Refugees of Elves and Humans

A Work in Progress

Remember the Thane

A Work in Progress

The Song Never Ends....

A Work in Progress

The Song of Two Thanes

A Work in Progress

The Cult of the COG and Snig Flintwiggle...

A Work in Progress


Today we sing the Hammersong!

For Clan and Thane!

Hammer and Anvil! Thunder and Stone!

May the song never end!

Leaders Past and Present

Thane: Gargrim Hammersong (Wandering the World)

Hand of the Thane: Pwent (Alive)

Fist of the Thane: Ulfrinn (Alive)

General: Jakz (Lost in Battle)

General: Syxx (MIA)

General: Maleviolent (Lost in Battle)


Help those in need and make Azeroth a better place for all those that feel lost. Be a welcoming environment and try our best to win the hearts of everyone. Sing together brothers and sisters Sing the Hammersong!


Defeated the Firelord Ragnoros

Defeated the Brood Queen Onxiya

Azeroth War Campaign Victories: 2

Role Play

We are a Dwarf and Gnome Guild based in Aerie Peak formerly Gun Darok. We are a causal RP guild with weekly to Biweekly RP and World PvP events. RP PvP and PvE.

We also host Pwents Pubs and participate in as many Serverwide RP events

We were voted by the community as the Alliance's favorite Guild.

Our goal is to be helpful and make the world more alive and enjoyable for all

Guild Alliances

- Clan Battlehammer

- Cenerion Circle

- The C.O.G

Guild Rivals

- Redwood Tribe

Grobbulus Opening of Server Ceremony! Clan Hammersong March!

Grobbulus Opening of Server Ceremony! Clan Hammersong March!

Opening Server March

Dwarven Tavern (World of Warcraft Ambience with Music)

Dwarven Tavern (World of Warcraft Ambience with Music)

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