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Organizations! Crime rings, worker's unions, in-character guild coalitions(from an IC perspective, not as an advertisement), religions, political affiliations within a faction, non-faction affiliated groups, Warlock cults, everything! I'm sure you can write a short story about your Devilsaur Mafia as an in-character entity.

This section differentiates from the <Houses, Clans and Tribes> page in that it is not about your character's background or blood associations-- It is the groups they choose to align themselves with as they go forward in their life. In the scheme of the server's history, this will allow ease of access to information regarding the different groups that may play into events on the server. These differ from Guild pages, as they are not represented by anything binding on a game mechanic level-- Though it is acceptable to use Organization labels on guild pages!

Suggested Tags: Blacksmithing Organizations, Merchant Guilds, Alliance Military, Horde Military, Medical Organizations, Education Organizations.

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