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== '''Overview''' ==

The survivors of the Burning Blade Clan of Draenor scrape together a place in the modern horde. Espousing the viewpoints shared with the elusive Blademasters, these few survivors of the Burning Blade Clan do what they can to strengthen and improve Thrall's Horde.

==  '''Structure'''==

'''RP: '''Heavy RP Clan. In general, expect everything not in parentheses to be IC RP.


The Burning Blade Clan was essentially destroyed in the latter days of the second war in Azeroth. After Gul'Dan's betrayal of Doomhammer, the Alliance's massive final push resulted in the destruction not only of the warriors of the Burning Blade Clan, but the majority of their civilians as well. The Burning Blade Clan has nothing to do with the Burning Blade Cult with which it shares a name.

The Blade's Chieftan, Kaervek, has made much progress in building alliances with other Clans. The Burning Blade Clan now counts the <Blacktooth Grin>, <Blackrock Clan>, <Stormreaver Renegades>, <Warsong Clan>, and <Frostwolf Militia> as staunch allies.