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SaruFushimi SaruFushimi 6 May 2020


“Me name’s Kuradar, an’ ahm 'ere fer a chick’n.”

“A chicken?” The human repeated. He seemed to relax a little at that. When this menacing looking dwarf had come straight to him across the road, entering his piece of land like the farm belonged to him, armor stained in the blood of those Kobold vermins that infested the nearby forest, he had perhaps expected something worse to happen. “Why, yes. I sell very good chickens. Were you looking for a hen to give you some fine eggs, or perhaps you’d rather have one to cook for a feast?”

After he asked his question, there was an uncomfortably long silence between him and his unexpected guest. During this, the dwarf… Kuradar, was it? Did nothing but stare at him with unnaturally piercing eyes, as clea…

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