Astheril Manastar

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Astheril Manastar is a kaldorei astromancer of Highborne descent, born to arcanists of the Shen'dralar in the first century following the Great Sundering of the World. He served for millennia as both an astronomer and an oracle for the people of Eldre'Thalas, cataloging celestial bodies and providing astrological readings. Astheril left Eldre'Thalas sudden and unexpectedly, and while the reason is yet to be known, it is rumored that the auguries presented to the astromancer by the stars were beyond coping.



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The First Selenomancy

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Fate in Starlight

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Tortheldrin's Lunacy

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Desertion and Pilgrimage

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His is a tall, slender physique. Sharp but elegant traces adorn his face as they have those of all from house Manastar, the skin completely without wrinkles or scars. Astheril's eyes glow ever so faintly as deathbound stars, and this glow illuminates the ocular vicinity, accentuating its sharpness; the voluminous silver eyebrows lie forming a slight obtuse angle with his nose. The astromancer sports a long silver-colored hair, arranged in three braids: the shorter one medial in the scalp and pointing towards the firmament, and two long lateral ones reposed over each shoulder and onto the torso. His thin mouth and strong jawline are involved by somewhat of a decently-trimmed stubble.

The Manastar pays no attention to clothing, often preferring loose tunics over well-fitted outfits. During his pilgrimage, a black hood shrouds his semblant, from which only the light of his eyes and the longer braids seem to escape. He wears no pieces of jewelry except for a ring in his left hand; it's made of a silvery metal, with a pair of spherical little rocks hovering over the shank in a binary orbital configuration.


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Additional Information (IC & OOC)

  • Astheril is, for all purposes, a random kaldorei; his Highborne descent should not be taken as common knowledge as he chooses to omit this piece of information.
  • Contact info: Astheril#2102 (Discord), Astheril@Grobbulus (in-game), Astheril ( Journal).
  • I'm currently looking for a RP guild able to accommodate a Highborne sorcerer. I'll also be engaging in PvE and PvP.
  • Musical themes: Crystalsong Forest Theme / L.C.D.N. - Looking Back Once More.
  • I'm not a native English speaker, so please bear with me.

Do you know Astheril?

You might know the astromancer if:

  1. You happened to run into him out in the world, in which case you either had your fate read or engaged in some sort of conversation with him;
  2. You also hail from Eldre'Thalas.
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